Monday, May 15 - Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hosted by Utah State University and the College of Engineering
Conference Chair – Heng Ban, PhD

Utah State University, Logan, UT

Welcome to the official web site of the International Thermal Conductivity Conference (ITCC) and the International Thermal Expansion Symposium (ITES). These two conferences are held concurrently every two years. Our mission is to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas, advancement of the science, training of new professionals, and discussions of the state-of-the-art in thermophysics. The proceedings are published in hard cover format following the conference and a rigorous peer review.

We encourage you to submit an abstract and present at this conference. This premier conference series has a long history, and has served as an excellent forum for engineers, researchers, and program/project managers from industry, academia, and government labs to exchange and share the latest results in research and development. This conference will feature thermal conductivity and thermal expansion topics, as well as all thermophysical properties for materials, techniques, and applications.

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  • Graphene
  • Nano materials
  • Graphite
  • Polymers
  • Biomaterials
  • Foods
  • Metals
  • Iron and alloys
  • Ceramics
  • Coatings and barrier materials
  • Geological materials, testing techniques, mixtures, effect of pressure, in-situ testing
  • Thermal insulators
  • Adhesives
  • Thermoelectric materials
  • Thermal interface materials and measuring techniques, data
Industrial applications
  • Aluminum industry related topics
  • Ceramic industry related topics
  • Semiconductors and thermoelectric materials
  • Powders
  • Foams
  • Innovative insulations
  • Vacuum insulation
  • Aerogels
  • Microporous materials
  • Phase-change materials (PCM)
  • Thermal expansion of composites, pastes, multiphase mixtures, liquids, solids, molten metals
  • Sintering and HIP
  • Additive manufacturing, 3D printing
  • Liquids: liquid mixtures, etc. theory/new methods/data/progress
  • Gases: theory/new methods/data/progress
  • Molten metals: theory/new methods/data/progress
  • Molten ceramic and semiconductor materials
  • High pressure testing
Review Papers
  • General methods and techniques
  • New methods and techniques
  • New advances
  • Transient techniques
  • Steady-state techniques
  • Absolute techniques
  • Comparative techniques
  • History of thermophysical measurements
Commercially made Instruments/data/analysis
  • Dilatometers
  • Thermal conductivity measuring instruments
  • Thermal diffusivity instruments
  • New commercially introduced instruments
Properties at different length scales
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Thermal diffusivity
  • Thermal effusivity
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Specific heat capacity
  • Seeback coefficient
  • Emissivity
  • Apparent properties and their use
General theory, modeling and simulation, data management
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Mesoscale (phase field) modeling
  • Thermal modeling
  • Multiscale modeling
  • Data analysis, organization, data bases
  • Estimation techniques
  • Theory development
  • Multi-layer analysis theory/new methods/data/progress
  • Radiative heat transfer, effect on thermal conductivity measurement techniques and data
Measurement methods and techniques
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Thermal diffusivity
  • Thermal effusivity
  • Thermal reflectance methods
  • 3-Omega and hot wire
  • Dilatometry
  • Interferometry
  • Noncontact dilatometry
  • Flash diffusivity
  • Calorimetry
  • Subsecond methods (Ohmic pulse, exploding wire, etc.)
  • New measurement techniques and equipment
  • Interface thermal resistance
  • Thin films
  • Cryogenic /near ambient/
  • High temperature /ultra-high temperature techniques
  • Hot plate apparatus
Space and Nuclear applications
  • Space applications/satellites/ micro gravity techniques and data
  • Thermal expansion of solids, liquids and gases
  • Thermal radiative properties, measurement techniques and data (emissivity, etc.)
  • Special applications, testing of complex systems
  • Nuclear materials, special techniques, in-pile testing, special applications
  • Irradiation effect on thermal properties
Thermal expansion testing/data/equipment
  • Review paper on techniques, new developments
  • Review paper on interferometers in dilatometry
  • Optical and other noncontact dilatometry
  • Ultra-high temperature dilatometry
  • General treatise
  • Current state US and international
  • In progress, developments, programs
  • Reference material development
  • Inter-laboratory comparisons
  • Method comparison

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