Published Proceedings – Purdue University (2014)

32nd International Thermal Conductivity Conference & 20th International Thermal Expansion Symposium

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32nd ITTC – 20th ITES 2014 at Purdue University

Publication Information for the 33rd ITCC & 21st ITES at Utah State University

Papers for Publication of the 33rd ITCC & 21st ITES are NOW DUE until 18 December - 2017

If you presented your paper during the 33rd ITCC & 21st ITES at Utah State University and want your presentation published please follow the ITCC Publication Template and submit your papers to Robbie Gerber

Please submit all papers in Microsoft Word® or PDF if you are using another format.

Papers presented at the Conference and Symposium will be published after a rigorous peer review.

For publication format please click here

Each paper published will need to be accompanied with a signed copyright release form attached here

All publishing questions can be directed to Heng Ban - Conference Chair or Robbie Gerber - Symposium Coordinator

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