Abstract titles and authors

Thermal Conductivity Measurements in Nanofluids – Errors Due to Convection

S. Ackermann

Thermo-Physical Properties, A Holistic Approach

T. Adams

Anisotropy Evaluation of Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating by the Flash Method

M. Akoshima

Calibration of Heat Flux Sensors Used by the Guarded Hot Plate Apparatus

M. Akoshima

Thermal Conductivity of Natural Insulating Materials and its Hybrid with Other Wasted Materials

M. Ali

Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity of Gases, Liquids, Nanofluids, Melts and Solids: Is the Transient Hot-Wire Technique the Answer to Everything?

M. Assael

First Measurements of Thermal Accommodation Coefficients on Ceramic Surfaces

D. Bayer-Buhr

Thermal Effusivity Reference Values as a Function of Temperature

R. Blaine

A Steady-State Thermoreflectance Method to Measure Thermal Conductivity

J. Braun

Reducing Systematic Errors in Thermal Diffusivity Laser Flash Measurements Caused by Detector Inherent Delayed Response

S. Breuer

Continuous Gradient Temperature Raman Spectroscopy and Differential Scanning Calorimetry of Polyunsaturated Lipids from -100 to 50°C

L. Broadhurst

Determination of Thermal Diffusivity of Different Crystal Structures of Phase Change Materials by Means of the Flash Method

M. Brütting

Performance of Thermal Interface Materials Using the Flash Diffusivity Method

R. Campbell

Simulation and Prototyping of PCM-based Pin Fin Heat Sink

M. Chen

Calibration of Lambda Apparatus for Determination of Thermal Conductivity for Thermal Insulation Products – A Guidance Worked out by the European Keymark Expert Group

S. Dehn

Comparative Testing 2014-2018 of Thermal Conductivity for Thermal Insulation Products – The European Keymark Experience for More Than 45 Equipmant at 21 Test Institutes

S. Dehn

Status of Reference Material for Guarded Hot Plate Equipment for Thermal Conductivity at Higher Temperatures in Europe

S. Dehn

Sensitivity Studies of Evaluating Partial De-Bonding Using Laser Flash Method

A. Farooqui

Extension of Steady-State Thermoreflectance to an all Fiber Optic Tool

J. Gaskins

Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Fe and Fe-FeOxide Systems by Ball Milling

A. Gjevori

Importance of Lie Algebras, Dimensions & Topological Order in Understanding Structure and Thermal Conductivity of Crystals and Glasses.

C. Gorham

The Role of Rind in the Heat Transfer Conduction Rate and Temperature Distribution Inside a Watermelon

S. Gurupatham

Raman Thermometry Techniques Applied to UO2

P. Hartvigsen

Modelling of Frozen Soil Thermal Conductivity

H. He

Accurate Thermal Diffusivity Instrument for Foil-like Samples with Systematic Uncertainty Quantification

Y. Hu

Thermal Conductivity Evaluation of Medium/High-temperature Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage by Molecular Dynamics

D. Jamshideasli

Thermophysical Properties and Combustion Wave of Nitramine Based Propellant Compositions

R. Kalal

In-situ Investigation of Precipitation During Continuous Heating in Aluminium Alloys via Laser Flash Analysis

O. Kessler

Thermal conductivity and thermoelectric properties of Fe1.5TiSb Heusler alloy

V. Khovaylo

Construction and Calibration of Large Area Heat Flow Meter Apparatus

D. Kim

Evaluation of a Research Prototype for Measuring and Controlling the Thermal Resistance of Building Walls in Active Mode

A. Koenen

Thermal Conductivity of Wood Fiber

A. Koenen

A Numerical Study on Non-Linear Dual-Phase-Lag Bioheat Transfer Model in Living Tissue During Thermal Therapy

D. Kumar

Analytical Model for Maximum Heat Transfer in Wet Fins Subject to All Nonlinearity Effects

B. Kundu

The Effect of the Glass Transition of Polymer in High-Pressurized  Hydrogen Atmosphere

S. Lee

Seebeck Temperature Coefficients and Cross-Plane Thermoelectric Seebeck Coefficients in Nanoscale Al2O3/ZnO Superlattice Films

S. Lee

Thermophysical Properties of CNT Containing Nanolfuids

J. Lee

Measurement of Thermal Physical Properties of PCM and Other Reactive Materials and Development of the Standard ASTM E2584

E. Litovsky

Fundamentals of Thermal Expansion and Thermal Contraction and Their Predictions

Z. Liu

Compiling a Molten Salt Thermophysical Database

J. Magnusson

The Saturated and Supercritical Stirling Cycle Thermodynamic Heat Engine Cycle

M. Marko

Orthogonally Superimposed Heat Transfer in Rheometry

R. McKenzie

Determining the Thermal Properties of Small, Irregularly-Shaped Pieces of Material.

R. McMasters

Carbon Dioxide Ideal Curve Fitting and Thermodynamic Properties on Tao Mason Equation of State

O. Mehrayin

Anisotropy in Thermal Transport Properties: An Experimental and Numerical Study

B. Mihiretie

Application of the Direct Pulse Heating Technique with Contact and Radiance Temperature: Measurements at Very High Temperatures: Case study on Solid Phase Tungsten

N. Milosevic

Characterization of Thermal Conductivity of a Carbon Nano-Tube Wire

J. Monchau

Application of Three Omega in Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Ceramics

N. Motley

Comparison of the Thermal Conductivity Results of 10 Common Liquids with the Use of Different Devices

S. Mylona

Analysis on Bi-Directional 3 Omega Method by a Microheater on Polymer Substrates

D. Oh

A Simple Metric for Determining the Fraction of Cristobalite in Thermally Grown Oxides in Aerospace Applications

D. Olson

Anisotropic thermal conductivity in the polycrystalline environmental barrier coating β-Y2Si2O7

D. Olson

 Implementation of two-dimensional, in-plane and multi-layers model for the calculation of thermal diffusivity with the flash method

D. Paganelli

A novel algorithm for the determination of tension states in glazed ceramics by combining optical dilatometer and fleximeter measurements

D. Paganelli

Optical dilatometry: the right way to solve deformation problems in ceramic slabs manufacturing

M. Paganelli

TGA-DTA-MS: the perfect tool for the study of the emissions from ceramic digital inks

M. Paganelli

Thermal Interface Materials: From Details to the Design

P. Panackal

Thermal Conductivity of a Pentaerythritol Polyol Ester (POE) Lubricant and Three Representative Components

R. Perkins

Improvement of Oxidation and Adhesion Resistance of Thermal Barrier Coatings Under Cyclical and Isothermal Treatments by Adding SiC Microfibers

K. PortillaZea

Critical Point Data of High Melting Metals Obtained by Expansion Measurements During Ohmic Pulse Heating Experiments – a Review.

G. Pottlacher

Estimation and Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids Using Modified Transient Plane Source Technique

RN. Prithiviraajan

Laser Flash Method for Measuring Thermal Diffusivity of Liquids

M. Saoudi

Frequency-Dependent Photothermal Measurements of Thermal Diffusivity for Opaque and Non-Opaque Materials

M. Shahi

Thermal Energy and thermalmechanical

H. Singh

Comparison of dislocation-based constitutive models to experimental results predicting stress-strain-temperature relationships.

H. Singh

A Novel Approach for Lifetime Estimation of Electronic Components mounted on Plastic Substrates by Coupling Injection Molding Simulation to FE-Analysis

M. Soltani

Development of a Thin-Heater Apparatus and Mathematical Three-Layer Model for Edge Heat Losses for Determination of the Thermal Conductivity

I. Stark

Correlation between Thermal Conductivity and Young’s Modulus of Thermal Barrier Coatings

S. Takahashi

Evaluation of the Impact of Moisture on the Thermal Conductivity of Insulation Materials Through Measurements and Numerical Simulations

A. Tilmans

Thin and Thick Samples Tests Using Heat Flow Meter Instruments.

A. Tleoubaev

Thermal Effusivity: The Heat Transfer Enigma?

R. Tye

Use and abuse of methodology for thermal conductivity measurements in fluids and nano-fluids.

W. Wakeham

Thermal Conductivity Measurements along Out-of-Plane and In-Plane Directions by Steady-State and Flash Diffusivity Methods

H. Wang

Aluminum-graphene composite materials with the improved thermal and electrical conductivities

L. Yolshina

Reconfigurable Phononics and Photonics with Superstructures of Colloidal Molecules

M. Zanjani

Interface and Thermal Properties of Reaction Bonded Diamond/SiC Composites

Y. Zhang

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