ITCC Workshop

Reference Materials for Thermal Conductivity Measurements

An important feature of this conference is the dedication of a session devoted to a Workshop on the above subject. This is organized to allow attendees to discuss a most significant issue that affects the efficacy and reliability of the many methods now used for measurement of thermal conductivity and related properties.

The dramatic increase in materials development, particularly for new and more challenging applications, has stimulated a corresponding increase in new and/or revised forms of methods of measurement. Of particular relevance is the significant increase of development and use of commercial versions of these methods into the market place. Unfortunately, based on results in the open literature and in commerce there are many and varied conflicting claims being made for both the efficacy and measured precision and accuracy levels of various methods.

To address this issue the common solution is normally the use of “reference materials (artifacts)” having accepted quantified measured values to validate techniques, calibrate comparative methods, and act as a referee in questions performance claims. Unfortunately, despite the many calls by members of the thermal measurement community for the need to produce more reference artefacts there is an insufficient number available to cover the complete property range of six orders of magnitude plus the fact that current stocks, especially of many of the existing reference solids, have been exhausted.

The purpose and objectives of the Workshop therefore are:

  1. Provide an awareness and assessment of the problems to members of industry, government and academia collectively
  2. Examine possible cooperative efforts in approaches to address the situation
  3. Propose solutions especially for producing more of the current plus additional new and more appropriate references artefacts
  4. Develop an action plan to address means and ways in which solutions can be attained

If you have any interest in attending or questions regarding the workshop please email Jason Saienga ( for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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